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Day 307: Leafy Faces

In many parts of the country, you’ll still find fallen leaves. The next time you go out for a nature walk with your child, take a container along with you and collect fallen leaves, twigs, acorn tops, pine needles, small rocks (or shells) and some other natural items. Bring them home, break out the paper […]

Day 275: More Leaf Walk Ideas

Here are some more activities to try during a leaf walk:

Match leaves you find on the ground to the trees they came from. If you find leaves on the ground that don’t match the leaves in the trees nearby, ask your child how the “strange” leaf got here. I bet your child will generate […]

Day 269: Read About Leaves

Fall is such a fun time to explore the world with little kids! You can teach them so much just by commenting out loud about the changes taking place in nature.

Why Do Leaves Change Color? by Betsy Maestro is an informative concept book that explains what happens to leaves in autumn as they change […]